Friday, April 19, 2013

Cure or bust, busting a move

Here it is the official Cure or Bust shirt. Available  not just for our amazing team but for anyone who this they are as fabulous as they are. Contact for your ordering needs.  Thanks so much to them for trademarking the name, what a way to celebrate my first year as a survivor. Many thanks like huge thanks to Joni and Courtney for the wonderful design. Big props to Kim Vohs for coming up with that name!
 Let me give you the story, don’t worry it will be short. When I first started the team we used to pick a name, the winner got a prize. Then 5 years ago Kim Vohs came up with CURE OR BUST, that year we were 348 strong and raised over $67,000.00, needless to say we decided to keep the name. Since then we have been the biggest team and 2 times raised the most money, I think the name brought us luck! Last year I was approached by Save the Boobies CNY to trademark CURE OR BUST on tshirts for everyone to wear, I said hell yes (literally I said that). SOOOOOO here they are! Our team members will get a discount code for the shirts at $7 then everyone else will be $15. If you ordered a sneaker shirt but really prefer this please contact me, otherwise I will let you know when you can order them Thanks to Joni and Courtney for the fabu logo design!!
Register for this inspiring team today! It doesn't matter if you are in California, Detroit, Florida, or Texas, we can be a team wherever you are. The day of the race for for a walk, help someone with chemo treatment, make a card for a rads patient, send a meal to someone getting back from surgery. There are so many ways to be a part of this day without being there. Joining the team means so much to me., so much. You may not be there to watch me cry my little eyes out but the chances of there being a picture or two are pretty good.

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