Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Pink Stiletto

I thought in my head (yes it is so frightening up there), let's take these images and have a fund raiser with them. BAMMMM done! Now let's sell tickets, really DONE. Sponsors and donors DAAA DAAA DINNNGGG DONG we have a winner, this event could not have happened without their generosity. I picked up the logo board and pamphlets from Usherwood, they did an amazing job. Mike's TV & Appliances is letting us use a flat screen TV for the slideshow, hope we don't break it! I covered media, did I miss a publication??? I tried New York Times but I was too "edgy" for them:). I can not thank ALL the businesses that have helped and supported Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer enough, they have given me HOPE. Please frequent all these business as a thank you. So now, we are finalizing the last few details, mainly my pedicure later today with some fabulous women!

There will be room at Pascale's so please come down ready to fill the restaurant with positive energy. I hope that those who have never been come back to this restaurant and see truly how fantastic it is! Keep in mind it is a cash bar, may I recommend the Pink Stiletto? It is amazing! There will be very light appetizers, the focus is not food, but the fund raising and the images. The restaurant is NOT open Sundays, so after you leave the open house (4pm-7pm) head to the various local restaurants. Papa Gallos, Carrabbas, Bone Fish, or Mulliagn's a variety of places to make everyone happy. Doesn't Fayetteville have it all?!!

Tickets, get your the door. If you purchased tickets and did not get them they are at the door. There is a list of people who bought advance sale and the bouncers will be there to help. NOW keep in mind they are not professionals so there maybe so kinks. Everything will work out just please address them with respect and kindness. If you do not have a ticket they are $15 at the door. The bouncers at the door or the t-shirt sale girls will be able to take your donations, too. I am not Ticketmaster so I am apologizing for any mistakes that were made. There will be black t-shirts on sale in the back of Pascale's, these will NOT be made again. Ward Sales on Fayette rushed the order, see them for all your t-shirt printing they are AWESOME! There will be some white ones as well and all shirts are $15.

PARKING!!! Now focus here people, is that there are plenty of spots. You can use the various spots on the street but please you common sense and DO NOT DOUBLE PARK!! I feel silly saying that, but I have been warned. The fantastic owners of Decker's Wine & Spirits said we may use their lot. Miracle's Hair Studio has offered their lot, too, they are simply wonderful! Pascale's Bakehouse has a lot, too, they have an awesome lunch menu, so stop back in there. As long as Fred Astaire's lot is paved we can use that one, too CHA CHA CHA. Do not forget about the Canal Landing and the Town Offices. No little league so those are up for grabs. There are a few handicap spots, if you require more, please let the bouncers know.

I hope that covers the "issues" that may arise. I have learned a lot through this event, a LOT. I have learned that in a community there are lots of people that want to support you and are proud to do so. The local businesses have truly out done themselves in donations, support and sponsorship. This event has been made easier because of their generosity. This is a great community that is helping and supporting one of their own. I have had businesses help just to help, because they had a loved one with stupid dumb breast cancer or because you never know. THANKS to them and you for being part of this.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pink Stiletto

The Pink Stiletto will be at served at Pascale's during 'My Journey Through the Lumps'. Part of the proceeds benefit Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer. It is a delicious blend of Prosecco and pomegranate liquor, enjoy a few! Tickets will be $15 at the door. If you have purchased advance sale see the bouncers they should have your name. Please bring lots of positive energy and big wallets:0) Thanks so much for the support, it still amazes me. It shows HOPE!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


OK, OK, OK, everyone CHILLLLLL. Yes, the response has been through the roof. Yes, Deb Pascale laughed when I told her I could get 250 in there. Yes, it will all work out. This is support and awareness at its best. This is a community reaching out to support and help each other, nothing to shame there. The show is set  and going to be very emotional for everyone. I can not thank Genevieve enough for all she has done for me. The images speak for themselves. My husband who has really put so much time into my boobs and this show, I love you! Lisa, Jennifer and Michelle, all the work they have done on the pamphlets and poster, WOW you are all amazing. The Pascale's crew have been so accommodating and helpful, this is what a community should be doing. What a great place for a fund raiser! I hope you will still speak to me after this is over:)

Let's talk about tickets sales. Yes I have sold 400 tickets, does that mean that 400 people are coming?! NO NO NO! In those sales are ....
  • donation tickets , people in other states that wanted to support but will not be there
  • in honor of tickets, people who have lost their battle but need to be remembered
  • DONATIONS just people buying tickets for a donation purpose and won't be attending
  • people who now can not come or were never coming, just supporting, I have no time to check these off
  • people who won't show up even though they have a ticket, you know who you are:)

That being said, there will be bouncers at the door. My girls will be checking names, taking money, acknowledging survivors, and making sure we stay in accordance with Pascale's fire code. You need to buy or have a ticket to get in. They will have a counter to count people, just to make sure there is no confusion. And just like Shifty's on a busy night, when we hit max capacity you have to wait until someone else leaves before you can enter. Take a walk to Freedom of Espresso and have a cup of coffee then come back. I just ask that everyone be respectful and understanding of the bouncers at the door. They need to follow the rules, so do not blame them. It is worth the wait, right? REMEMBER this is an OPEN HOUSE from 4-7pm so that will help with traffic flow.

PARKING: both Decker's and Fred Astaire have offered their lots so no worries there.

Let's hope for a beautiful evening so we can use the patio. Please know, this is just a huge undertaking and while I want to say it will be smooth, I know that lumps always show up. With that we will take each one as it comes and look forward to making this an evening the Fayetteville Community can be proud of! I know I am proud of everyone involved and even more of the killer shoes I am going to wear!!

Media makes me cringe a little...

SOOOOOO, here is the link to the article that is in the Post Standard. It is a good article so my cringe is not there. It is the comments that come after. The ones I really want to reply to,  but need to take the high road instead of the lumpy one I am on. It has always amazed me the comments people make and how ridiculous they are. Well, now they will be about me. I hope you all help me as I take this pledge, remember you are NOT taking it so comment away!!!
  • I will pledge to do my best to take them with a grain of salt and move past.
  • I pledge that no matter how ass like the comment is I will refrain.
  • I pledge that even if the butt head gets under my skin I will keep my mouth shut.
  • I pledge that even if the fucking idiot says something so off base I will remain quiet.
  • I pledge that even if the person commenting never had breast cancer, but still finds the need to comment, I will hold my head high and say nothing.
SHIT!!! This is going to be hard, like unbelievably hard. I will need a lot of help here. I am unsure if I know how to do this.

Above is the Syracuse News Times article!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I love pink but please think...

Being PINK is fabulous, but do it actively. You do not have to go to far to be active in the fight against Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer. Join the Race for the Cure, help a friend with breast cancer get to a treatment, get a better understanding how deeply this disease effects us. I wear pink because I am fighting for the cause and I am proud to be surviving the battle! My girlfriends wear it because they are helping, supporting, and understanding it so much more. My cousins got inked because they do not want to forget how hard this battle is. My kids, my girlfriends kids, my little cousins, all rock the pink because they are our HOPE for a CURE!!! Support breast cancer awareness by being active, by understanding the depth of it, by being there for a friend, by joining CURE OR BUST!!! Wear the pink is being the ribbon. Don't you think a pink stiletto is more powerful that a ribbon, just saying??? Maybe they should change it.....