Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our sick twisted world

This is Jackie. I have talked about Jackie plenty of times, but for those that are just waking up or have short term memory loss, let me refresh the story. Jackie is this vibrant 16 year old girl that has had her teenage life altered because of stupid dumb bone cancer. She smart, funny, a great dresser, but is battling a painful form of cancer. I wish I could say that her love of nail polish and her fashionestta ways are what brought us together, but sadly, frigging cancer did. Like I have said, I have never met this chicka, yet I am so drawn to her and want to be like a big sister (I am way too young to be her mom, so no comments). We met via blogging and Twitter and our friendship grew. When they found Jackie's cancer, they at first thought it was a sports related injury, but ultimately she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her left leg. She had surgery which I am sure wasn't painful at all. BLAHAHAHAHAAH it hurt like a bitch and left this girl with a big ass scar. She has received chemotherapy and lost all her hair (just what every 16 year old girl wants, right??! UGH). Jackie has scars in her arms from her IV's and has spent her summer in and out of the hospital. Her girlfirends and Jackie should have been checking out the boys at the mall and trying out new outfits! She was rushed to the hospital awhile ago because he fever spiked and she was so sick. It took the doctors some time to figure it out, but they did and she went to her home with her family. That is where every teenager should be NOT spending days in the hospital. But that stay was rough, it wasn't her regular hospital or doctors and the nurse was, well... let's just say not nice (Jackie used more colorful words but I's the adult here, HAHAAH).  Jackie got her last round of "Red Devil" wearing the "Attitude shoes to kick cancer's ass" I sent her. Doesn't she look like a cancer killer? Her life has been difficult since January to say the least, imagine what her parents are going through? Feeling helpless I am sure. I will not pretend to understand I only send them loving calm vibes. want that life??? Some person (now it could have been a 12 year old playing a game, a 67 year old grandma who was bored, 30 year old creeper looking at pics, or a 17 year old looking for attention...whoever this was, it is so twisted) they took ALL of Jackie's pictures and made an Instagram (all the cool kids have one check it out!) and called themselves "Avery Thomason". People commented with encouraging words, funny comments and smiling faces all trying to make stupid dumb "Avery" feel better. WTF!!!??? The whack even made life comments like "yes this nurse was a mean bitch", how the fuck do they know, you are NOT Jackie!! We live in a world where, for attention, we take this gorgeous 16 year old's hard, painful life that is now filling all her loved ones with worry and make it our own?! Isn't our own life enough to deal with?! Maybe you need to find a job! Better yet find a charity. We need a cure for friggin cancer here. There is so much more you could have done. It pissed Jackie off, made her friends irate, and made this full blooded Italian look to put the hurt on. BUT BUT BUT positive energy in, right?! SOOOO, I offered to help the psycho and buy them some shoes (I was so going to the Dollar store and getting flip flops!!!). They were removed but I think the damage and violation is done.
 Before you judge someone or wish you were them, look at bettering your own life. I am sure we all have room to grow or help. That life you are wanting so bad may seem all shinny on the outside but I bet inside there is more rust than you want. If you think your life sucks, the person next to you may suck even more. So be happy with YOU and your life and just LIVE!! Although, I am pretty fanfreakingtasticly sparkly with glitter sprinkled all over (I will, however, mess you up if you take my life, just saying).

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Big huge props going out to 
 Courtney Armbruster,LEED AP
Senior Marketing Communication Specialist
For the time she took to make the OFFICAL "Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer" Logo
And a Big HUG to my girl Joni Steigarwald for being the ring leader!!
You both made my day. Women empowering women, is there anything better??

Tshirts will be on sale at Trapper's II October 2nd for $15. This is the only place to get them!!!

My first born

I was coming home from my friend’s camp; it was 5:30 in morning. I stepped out of my dad’s small black Plymouth car, its side orange with rust. The air was almost wet and gray clouds were forming above. As I started my way up the cement steps. I saw a large cardboard sign colored pink with the additions of pink ribbons scattered all over the sign, across it read welcome home!!! I rushed the next three steps and burst through the door, I kicked off my shoes and ran to the family room, and there she was sitting upright in a tall chair, her short frame seemed to fill it up. Her iPad resting on her lap, slowly I picked my head up and looked into her eyes; they hadn’t changed. And then a smile crept across her face, I wanted to run into her arms but knew I couldn’t. “Hi” I said, she replied “hey”. She followed my gaze to the basket next to her; it was over flowing with flowers, cards, stickers, and other breast cancer stuff like key chains and t- shirts. She was hooked up to four drains on her sides flowing with red liquid; I looked away. For the next few minutes we exchange words and she pulled up some pictures of her in the hospital. These pictures reassured me and scared me at the same time. About two minutes later, the thought came to my head: my mom was a survivor.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh yes it's Ladies Night....

Like I said, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So what a better way to celebrate that then pizza, cocktails, shopping and breast health! Join me at Trapper's II in Minoa for a Ladies Night out. I will have tickets on sale for the Pascale's event, breast education info, and of course Cure or Bust team sign up info! This will be a fantastic way to kick off the month. So stop by for a drink and shop a little. Do not forget your ticket!!! Info below and Facebook link, too, so like their page and join us. Save a boob or two!!

Get your girls together and join us for a night of
Shopping, Drinks & fun at Trapper's II Pizza & Pub!

FREE door prize raffle with great prizes from our vendors!

***Drink and Food Specials throughout the night***
Details to come on promotions

Tastefully Simple
Scentsy Candles
Stella & Dot
Chris's Crafts
Party Lite

....And MORE to Come!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


October is breast cancer awareness month so get ready to be inundated with PINK. There is so much controversy regarding the pink crap (yes some of it is) that I have to discuss this. While I think it is ironically stupid to have a flat iron with pink ribbons, I mean come on if we are losing our hair to chemo who is this being geared towards????  So, I understand when people go off about this. I totally understand that perspective. But you know I am going to have a take on this. When my kids see a pink ribbon on someone they have always said "mommy look they support breast cancer". Now it is "mommy say hi to them they support breast cancer", which I do with a smile. I love my pink shit, all of it, especially my boa and tiara (ok the tiara isn't pink but I look so cute in it). I love it because I am proud to be a survivor now and show my support. It also gives me a chance to talk about breast cancer and early detection. I am actually doing something to help stop stupid dumb breast cancer. I will buy the chips because it makes my kids think for a second about how hard it has been, they will never forget. By them remembering, they may save their own life or remind a friend to get checked! My Zoe will wear her "fight like a girl" t shirt not just cause its cool, but in support of me and her future. I want my people to think about breast cancer so they can be proactive in stopping it. All this  stuff  keeps it in people's head- maybe that jar of pickels with a Race for the Cure ribbon will remind someone to make their mammo appoitment. Doesn't that make it worth it even a little???

My pink shit and I LOVE it

So, now my bitch part. The ones who wear the pink ribbon just to wear it. Do you think that using Gulf gas because it had a pink ribbon on it is the only way to help stop breast cancer? Some people think this is the only way they can help. I can literally give you a list of ways that will be more beneficial than buying those pink frigging golf balls (do not buy me those, I do not golf, lots of pink shoes out there!). There are so many really great organizations out there to support, so stop just buy shit and show your support with ACTIONS!!! Wear the pink ribbon because you are doing something to fight.
Which brings me to my last pink ribbon comment. October 1st I will be registering my team CURE OR BUST for CNY Race for the Cure. I will be doing it, no one else try because I will hurt you. Once it is up and running (at 12:07am) feel free to join, invite and get ready to celebrate. This team has always been friends and family getting together to celebrate life- the lives fighting, surviving and lost. Our celebration will be over the top and our team will be HHHHUUUUGGGGEEEEE. We will raise the most money. We will do this with all sorts of fund raising parties (yes people there will be jello shots, right Elana and Stephanie?)! You will all be there to see your leader who took 2 frigging boobs for the team, stand on that stage and cross as a survivor. But most of all..... we will wear PINK:)
Part of 2012 team

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Support the fight agaisnt Stupid dumb breast cancer

Please join Genevieve Fridley Photography and me on October 21st from 4pm until 7pm as we display the real, uncensored version of stupid dumb breast cancer. The cost will be $10 advance sale tickets and $15 at the door. The show will be at Pascale's Restaurant in Fayetteville. Ticket sales will begin September 1st. Please contact me at for ticket purchases. Tickets and donations can be paid via PayPal as well. The part of the proceeds will benefit the team CURE OR BUST at the 2013 Race for the Cure on May 18th. The other will go to Stand up to Cancer. I am so excited that we are using the money for research and education. Both of organizations are fabulous. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. If we have donations for food we will have more money for these important organizations! Contact me if you would like to donate.
There will be a cash bar and light appetizers, so drink heavily and eat minimal. We are looking for any donations for food and print costs. Genevieve is donating some prints. These print will be used at various events. If you are willing to help with keeping costs down PLEASE contact me. Thanks so much to The Art Supply Store for donating some framed pictures for the event, so generous. Plus, please check the coupon on the blog as well! They are donating 10% of your purchase to Cure or Bust, get your framing done and support the team.
Please mark your calendars and tell your friends. What better way to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month than showcasing a life SAVED from early detection. These pictures have been so incredibly therapeutic for me, amazing how Genevieve captures the emotion. They have also inspired other women going through stupid dumb breast cancer now (and friends of these women who need to see the harsh reality of it). I really hope to see you all there. Stupid dumb breast cancer lit a fire inside me. Join me as we find a way to stop it! I wonder what shoes to wear??!!

For Tickets Via PayPal. PLEASE tell how many tickets and if they are for survivors!