Saturday, July 7, 2012

Needs and Wants

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So I got stupid dumb breast cancer, what do you do? OK I am talking about after the doctor appointments, double mastectomy, chemo and all that shit...what do you do??? DUH, you shop! I do not need bras, I am gonna love that (there will be a bra give away party, I have a drawer full! Nikki has claimed the turquoise and black strapless but all others are up for grabs) . New dresses for sure to stuff new boobs into is a must. BUT it is all about SHOES right now!! Put on beautiful, strappy heels and you feel instantly sexy. I have no problem walking around this house in heels. The boys think I am nuts and Tom just keeps smiling. I want these shoes very bad. If anyone reading this blog knows where to get them please comment. I need these!!! We talk about "needs and wants" in this house and while I know the difference I still NEED these. I want to rock these heels through this stupid dumb lumpy ass adventure. So, all you minions get on it and help a chick with breast cancer get her need, yes I am playing that card.

Never underestimate the power of a woman on a mission. Tom and I found this shoe tonight! Yippppeeeee and blahahahahahahahaha!!! It is a collectible shoe as in 1 made of resin. We have been cracking up and wondering why no one has made this shoe yet. It would look so fabulous on my foot!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What cancer will or will not do

Will NOT break this family!
Cancer will not kill my friendships, it is making them stronger. Cancer is making my friends take a long walk off a short pier in their bathing suits for ME! It will not ever take my humor away; I will laugh it right out of me. It makes me laugh as I stand with my BFF's (or on them) and cry because their support is too over whelming. Stupid dumb cancer pushes me to stand on a rock topless in 6 inch heels while my friends tell me I look great. It makes me feel fierce because I enjoy a good fight! It drains me emotionally but pulls strength from places I didn't know I had. Stupid dumb cancer makes my girlfriends jump in the water, my husband vacuum the ceiling, my kids talk about MRI's and early detection, my family call a million times (oh wait they do that anyway), but it will never knock out my confidence, strength, and hope. So take that stupid dumb breast cancer you're a dumb ass! Thanks to all my girls for tonight you amazed, inspired and gave me hope!