Saturday, September 15, 2012

I will remember

I will remember because these shoes are CUTE!

I will remember because she is smiling under that mask!

A while ago a girlfriend who is a survivor said "one day you will be able to forget this" she said that as the years go it becomes more distant. I NEVER want that to happen. This has been difficult, stressful and exhausting. But it has evolved me. Not just how it changed my body, we have all seen that! It has changed my outlook. I want to think of life every day and how I am actually breathing. When people ask me lately "How are you?" I say "I am breathing and that's half the battle". I am lucky enough to take in air and exhale, as I do that I feel life. I can not stop thinking about those fighting the last round of the cancer battle as they take their last breath and the life leaves them. How they have family next to them suffering because of cancer even though they do not directly have it. They should have peace and calm when they leave, not pain and suffering.If only it was easy for their family to remember the life they had and how great it was (even the hard shitty times was life). Peace comes from within and digging deep for this is a challenge. Yet once you do, you find the calm. I know some of you are ready this thinking WTF did she smoke, but it is me evolving!
 I never really had a filter system but believe me, if you heard the thoughts in my head you would commit me, so I have do a small one. Now I have nothing so if you do not want to know what an ass you are being do not ask, or better yet just stay away. I actually called myself a big ass yesterday because I was being one, looking at myself has been hard during this, but eye opening. I also have been on a mission to tell people how fantastic they are, it makes them smile and that directly makes me feel great. I am selfish like that.
I will not forget because I am on a serious mission to help those suffering from stupid dumb breast cancer. MC and I are starting a support group (with the help of Nikki) to help women, young women, cope with the before, during and after. Exercise the body and release the mind are both the basic part to healthy living.
Cure or Bust will be up and running soon (I will let you know when I start the team, please do not do anything until I do). I will be there to remember how this year challenged me and how I was powerful!! I will be there to give hope to those fighting. I will be celebrating SURVIVORS myself included. But mostly I will be honoring those taken.
The taken are what will keep me remembering. Keep me fighting for the cure of ALL cancers. So, get ready people, get mad with me and help me eradicate cancer. Don't worry we will have a celebration of life, those fighting, those surviving and those lost. They all deserve it!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Check out my interview

Thanks to everyone at WSYR!!!

And Happy 15 years of marriage to my hubby, it has been a lumpy ass year but we took it in stride! I love you professor, xo

And now a word from our sponsor.....

 Anyone that knows me knows how hard I fought for breast education and health before I was diagnosed. I was a manic leader for our CNY Komen team Cure or Bust. That changed on May 5th when I found the lump and had the lumpectomy in June. It increased my drive even more, like off the charts. Yes, I maybe over board and in your face about it but early detection saved my life from stupid dumb breast cancer. The key to prevention is early detection people. Every time I get an email, Face book, text or blog post telling someone got their mammo today because of me or that they sat by their friend as she cried over her double mastectomy. Every time a blogger friend looks to me for support or shoes (Jackie is going to rock her chemo heels and Ashley better not wear those flip flops to treatment again!!). Every time a friend goes for 6 of 6 rounds of chemo and texts me (Rene you better). It solidifies my drive. So, I do not care how many strangers I tell about my journey, how many times I drive my BFF's nuts about being on top of their boobs or how much I promote my chest (its not porn people). I am the poster princess for early detection!!!
Well, I am off to Bridge Street today to spread the early detection word and about the event on October 21st. I do not know if I will be on for 4 minutes or 4 second (they have no idea how much and how fast I can talk). If even just one person gets the picture I am proud, if one person comes to support me at the show it's a success (well not at all, you people better show!!), if just one women fighting says "shit if that crazy lady did it. so can I" then my mission is working.  If just someone, one person  says "damn stupid dumb breast cancer looks good on her" then my hair, outfit and shoes were right on target!!! Here is the link, no clue if they put a clip up, but I hope they do or I will have to play the cancer card:)

I am NOT cancer I never was!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thursday on Bridge Street....

Make sure you tune in to Bridge Street this Thursday as Kaylea and Chris have stupid dumb breast cancer as a guest! How cool is that? What an amazing way to be able to get the word about early detection out. I'm so happy to be able to go on and chat it up, I hope I let them get a word in edge wise. Tom is worried that it's live and they won't have a chance to bleep out all my swearing, kidding people! I don't swear in front of the kids so I will pretend they are there. Honestly, this is what I want to do, just get the word out. The more early detection and mammograms and breast cancer info is heard, the more people are inclined to get off their asses and get checked! So, please tune in to channel 9 at 10am and send me some non- swearing, shirt wearing vibes! Now, what shoes should I wear??

Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer: Tickets are on sale

Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer: Tickets are on sale: Please join Genevieve Fridley Photography and me on October 21st from 4pm until 7pm as we display the real, uncensored version of stupid dum...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

what a fantastic way to support breast cancer awareness while custom framing your pictures


Bring this ad or your ticket to

935 Erie Boulevard East

Corner of Crouse Ave.



10% of your custom framing purchase will be donated to

Race for the Cure team “Cure or Bust”

Offer valid until November 1, 2012

A battle with stupid dumb breast cancer documented in photographs

Date:  October 21st Time: 4pm until 7pm

Pascale Wine Bar and Restaurant

For tickets and information: