Friday, June 15, 2012

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MRI Monday

Monday is MRI day, what a great way to spend my morning. I am so lucky because a good friend's sweet hubby is a radiologist at St. Joe's imaging and he will be reading my report. My girl MC will then translate it to me, I swear all this makes me feel a little like a dumb butt (Julian's favorite word). I will use every resource I have!!
Technology is so fabulous! I will be spending more time on the phone than I want. So this way you can be in my business without being in my face about it. After appointments and surgeries I will post what the news is. Thanks so much for your love, support and JOKES!!! Most of you know my humor and know that will get me through this. I am hoping to not offend anyone here but if I do deal with it. After all I do have stupid dumb breast cancer!!!