Thursday, June 28, 2012

Those breast cancer women

When I started the Race for the Cure team first it was for my grandma who helped raised me, then for my friend Lisa, then my friend MaryAnn, then it became about "those breast cancer women". I thought about all the ways breast cancer changed a woman. Those curves and cleavage that show her beautiful, womanly body were now going to be fake or gone. The breast milk that sustained her babies was now tainted with a disease. The nipples that are so exciting were going to lose all feeling and even be removed. The fact that no 2 woman have the same breasts making her unique were now "what size do you want?".  The fright that builds with all the doctor appointments along with physical scars that breast cancer leaves, too. I felt like those things helped define a woman. Then I got stupid dumb breast cancer and I was enlightened. Breast cancer does not define us it refines us. The mastectomy shows the courage that "yes I had breast cancer and kicked it OUT". The ducts that held the milk are gone showing the strength to fight this disease. Who needs nipples? Get rid of them showing the hope that there will be a cure! The scars show the battle and the fighter, reminding us that healing has begun. It is ok to be scared being brave is doing what you have to even though you are scared.  Stupid dumb breast cancer will never define or have me because I have courage, hope, strength, plus I am a fighter. Even if there is chemo it does not matter, that is when my family and friends take over and give me courage, strength, and hope reminding me I am a fighter.

This advertisment was brought to you by the team leader of CURE OR BUST, who is battling stupid dumb breast cancer, we are a proud CNY Susan G. Komen supporter

Monday, June 25, 2012

I have something to get off my chest

I am NOT sick so how can this be true??? I feel absoulty fantastic and am looking forward to my work out today, going to Target, and being with my extended family tonight celebrating my cousin's birthday (stay away from the baseball game tonight we are "that family"). If I was SICK I wouldn't be doing those things. People who have cancer are not sick because cancer does not make you feel sick.  It is the surgeries, chemo, radiation that makes them (or I guess me, WTF!) feel like crap. I do not want this stupid dumb breast cancer but I am stuck with it so I have to deal. Well, guess what.....I am not taking it sitting down. I am taking it by working out, eating healthy, being around my family and friends because those things are making me stronger and get me ready for the fight. I am from the North Side (not to be confused with North Syracuse) and truthfully have been in a few fights, so I got this. Please do not treat me like I am "SICK" treat me like the fighter I am who got stuck with stupid dumb breast cancer. Bring me positive vibes, healthy food, a cocktail Cafe Patron on ice please and your lovin' support (the ocasional gift is acceptable too). Then every little thing will be all right.

That felt great to get off my chest now I just need to get rid of these 2 cancer filled boobs and I will be GOOD TO GO! In the words of our friend "You're fine, just walk it off"!