Monday, September 17, 2012


October is breast cancer awareness month so get ready to be inundated with PINK. There is so much controversy regarding the pink crap (yes some of it is) that I have to discuss this. While I think it is ironically stupid to have a flat iron with pink ribbons, I mean come on if we are losing our hair to chemo who is this being geared towards????  So, I understand when people go off about this. I totally understand that perspective. But you know I am going to have a take on this. When my kids see a pink ribbon on someone they have always said "mommy look they support breast cancer". Now it is "mommy say hi to them they support breast cancer", which I do with a smile. I love my pink shit, all of it, especially my boa and tiara (ok the tiara isn't pink but I look so cute in it). I love it because I am proud to be a survivor now and show my support. It also gives me a chance to talk about breast cancer and early detection. I am actually doing something to help stop stupid dumb breast cancer. I will buy the chips because it makes my kids think for a second about how hard it has been, they will never forget. By them remembering, they may save their own life or remind a friend to get checked! My Zoe will wear her "fight like a girl" t shirt not just cause its cool, but in support of me and her future. I want my people to think about breast cancer so they can be proactive in stopping it. All this  stuff  keeps it in people's head- maybe that jar of pickels with a Race for the Cure ribbon will remind someone to make their mammo appoitment. Doesn't that make it worth it even a little???

My pink shit and I LOVE it

So, now my bitch part. The ones who wear the pink ribbon just to wear it. Do you think that using Gulf gas because it had a pink ribbon on it is the only way to help stop breast cancer? Some people think this is the only way they can help. I can literally give you a list of ways that will be more beneficial than buying those pink frigging golf balls (do not buy me those, I do not golf, lots of pink shoes out there!). There are so many really great organizations out there to support, so stop just buy shit and show your support with ACTIONS!!! Wear the pink ribbon because you are doing something to fight.
Which brings me to my last pink ribbon comment. October 1st I will be registering my team CURE OR BUST for CNY Race for the Cure. I will be doing it, no one else try because I will hurt you. Once it is up and running (at 12:07am) feel free to join, invite and get ready to celebrate. This team has always been friends and family getting together to celebrate life- the lives fighting, surviving and lost. Our celebration will be over the top and our team will be HHHHUUUUGGGGEEEEE. We will raise the most money. We will do this with all sorts of fund raising parties (yes people there will be jello shots, right Elana and Stephanie?)! You will all be there to see your leader who took 2 frigging boobs for the team, stand on that stage and cross as a survivor. But most of all..... we will wear PINK:)
Part of 2012 team


  1. So happy you LOVE the pink shit! I do too, and I wear it with pride!

  2. Did you know that Pinktober has been trademarked by Hard Rock Cafe?

    1. ARE YOU KIDDIN??? see that is what gives the Pink a bad rap, ugh!!!