Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Media makes me cringe a little...

SOOOOOO, here is the link to the Syracuse.com article that is in the Post Standard. It is a good article so my cringe is not there. It is the comments that come after. The ones I really want to reply to,  but need to take the high road instead of the lumpy one I am on. It has always amazed me the comments people make and how ridiculous they are. Well, now they will be about me. I hope you all help me as I take this pledge, remember you are NOT taking it so comment away!!!
  • I will pledge to do my best to take them with a grain of salt and move past.
  • I pledge that no matter how ass like the comment is I will refrain.
  • I pledge that even if the butt head gets under my skin I will keep my mouth shut.
  • I pledge that even if the fucking idiot says something so off base I will remain quiet.
  • I pledge that even if the person commenting never had breast cancer, but still finds the need to comment, I will hold my head high and say nothing.
SHIT!!! This is going to be hard, like unbelievably hard. I will need a lot of help here. I am unsure if I know how to do this.


Above is the Syracuse News Times article!



  1. Don't worry about any comments, you've got the field covered many times over. Keep it up, you inspire!
    Thoughts and prayers to you from a survivor.

    1. Thanks Miles, I do not really care more worried about me opening my mouth:) Peace to you!!!

  2. AnneMarie,

    OK... so I clicked over to the article.... And I came back here to comment. When I comment on those public things, I always wind up in the midst of fight with someone. That said, I WILL go back and kick ass over the wise crack about the hyphenated name.... (AS WILL MY MOM who gave me MY hyphenated name)...

    I'm restraining myself because I have too much on my plate this week. I have to staff the Avon Walk in NYC on Friday and try to enroll more members for the Army of Women database AND sign up for the Health of Women study, too. That guy who dragged Komen into the mud for funding planned parenthood needs to do his homework. ANY donation to planned parenthood can be earmarked for a specific program. I'm not a SGK fan (only because I wish they diverted more money to research and less to awareness but I'm confident a shift is coming) .... but they are NOT funding abortions.

    I think you are pretty damn awesome. People can say what they want but until they roll up their sleeves and start DOING something or spend weeks with drains hanging.... it's really easy to criticize from the cheap seats. Some people talk. Others DO. You Do and YOU are great. Plus, you got the greatest name in the world...

    Love and hugs,
    The "other" AnneMarie


    1. This is why I heart my fellow survivors!! Thanks AnneMarie, I want to so badly comment too but you know what it does not matter. what I need to remember is that I am helping people and through helping them I am feeling stronger:) I need to smile and laugh and sometimes cry but no one can tell me or any other survivor when to do these things. Like I say everyone has their one story line but our plots ar the same, SURVIVAL!!!!