Sunday, October 14, 2012

I love pink but please think...

Being PINK is fabulous, but do it actively. You do not have to go to far to be active in the fight against Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer. Join the Race for the Cure, help a friend with breast cancer get to a treatment, get a better understanding how deeply this disease effects us. I wear pink because I am fighting for the cause and I am proud to be surviving the battle! My girlfriends wear it because they are helping, supporting, and understanding it so much more. My cousins got inked because they do not want to forget how hard this battle is. My kids, my girlfriends kids, my little cousins, all rock the pink because they are our HOPE for a CURE!!! Support breast cancer awareness by being active, by understanding the depth of it, by being there for a friend, by joining CURE OR BUST!!! Wear the pink is being the ribbon. Don't you think a pink stiletto is more powerful that a ribbon, just saying??? Maybe they should change it.....


  1. nice blog post ann marie. you are truely the butterfly with pink wings...

  2. I'm with you..... the problem isn't the PINK... the problem is not directing the pink to those who need it or to the researchers who might successfully do better for our kids. Well said... And I love the pics you have side by side. THOSE speak volumes.... Did you put that on your facebook page or will they freakin' take it down for being graphic??

    Love from your downstate rebel...


    1. I think FB would flag it....hmmmm I might try but I linked it here.
      My cousin was at Staples they asked if she wanted a BC pen? She asked how much goes to BC, 100% they said sure then she said. They then asked if she wanted a NC notebook but they didnt know how much goes to BC, she did NOT buy it. All it takes is to ask, look and be on top of it!!!