Friday, October 12, 2012

Beauty and Strength

Jen Burgess Thompson

 When I was diagnosed a lot of people gave me advice and notes, cards and gifts. Genevieve sent me this blog and I was captivated by Jen. Not just by her beautiful pictures but her writing. Her fight for survival was just what I wanted to see. And her pictures were, well, lovely. I am so sad and heavy hearted right now. Jen died today and even though we never met, I am in tears. We exchanged a couple of emails- nothing major just "fight on" or "sending you health". But cancer connected us. Jen is the reason why I will never stop my battle. Call me whatever you want: a pain in the ass, a loud mouth bitch, but I am unstoppable now. I need to fight for myself, for Jen, for Heather, for Susan, for Kim, for YOU!! Don't you dare try to stop me, your best bet is to join me.

To Jen's boys and her family, I have not a single word of comfort as you are grieving so hard right now. It will never get easier do not believe anyone who tells you that, you just get used to it. The hole you feel in your heart will slowly fill in, but never completely. It needs a spot for Jen to live. Let her live in your heart. Some day you will  find peace in this difficult time, but for now cry, scream, yell whatever you need to release.



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