Monday, October 8, 2012

My peeps at CNY Komen

Even before I was diagnosed with stupid dumb breast cancer I had such a connection to my Komen Affiliates here in Syracuse. The staff is warm, helpful and always available to answer my forty million questions. Even brave enough to give me their cell number. When I found my lump ironically it was open registration for Race for the Cure so I spent the day with Kate and Deb and Kelly and her sweet mom registering people. Kate and Deb were sitting in the chairs when I walked in and almost started to cry right there. I think my first words were "Hey girls, are we ready? I found a lump". They wanted me to go home and chill but I needed to stay. A survivor walked in and I was a little freaked but in some crazy way it reassured me "Shit people survivor this". When MC got there we went into the bathroom so she could feel the lump (we are talking breast cancer here so chill men). What a perfect place to do a breast exam!! When I left both Kate and Deb told me it was going to be ok and to call them Monday ASAP, both have been very respectful but supportive at the same time. Once the news spread to others at Komen the support was incredible. I do not want to hear any bullshit about Komen because for me they were/are amazing. No one is perfect and mistakes were corrected. I will focus on the positive and the fact that 75% of the money raised stays in CNY, directly affecting women with stupid dumb breast cancer, shit that's me!! I kept forgetting that. Anyway, here is their "Pink in Print" where I am featured in the survivor corner (wow I'm really dealing with breast cancer, it is still wigs me out). Livvy did a bang up job of not censoring this loud foul mouth survivor! What a a great opportunity to remind you to join the Cure or Bust team as we take CNY Race for the Cure by friggin storm this year!! If you are not at the race on this team May 18th you are missing out, trust that.

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