Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paying it forward...


I had a whacked out week.  Had an insane yet so successful Ladies Night at Trappers II (that is in Minoa people!!). I got crap news at the doctor's office complete with a run around. I felt like shit and was very discouraged. Got called names by several people for just being me and doing what I can to help others with stupid dumb breast cancer. My boobs went off at the court house and held up the line (ok that was hilarious but still a little bizarre). BUT BUT BUT......

My girlfriend Tina called, emailed and even knocked down a few doors to get me some donations. Seriously, amazing friend here who has always had my back and now has my front! My "seestar" Gina even with her hectic life made a call to get a donation that arrived the NEXT day. This girl would do anything for a friend and I love her for it. THEN......a beautiful woman who I have never met ever in my life, sent me the above bracelet! I mean WOW how the hell do I thank her. It is beautifully pink and it brought tears to my eyes. And I hate being a sap but seriously the kindness is unreal!! Valary did this because she wanted to make me smile, she did that and so much more. How many people have done something like that just out of kindness because they wanted to?? My grandmother told me my mom used to say "do it from your heart or not all". I have no idea if she ever said this she died when I was 1 but my entire life I have lived by this. Which is way if I say something or do it you know I really meant it, I am that straight up. To see friends that I have known forever, ones I have known for a few years and strangers I have never known do this amazes me and gives me HOPE. This is all joining in the fight against stupid dumb breast cancer, through donations and gifts of hope. Stop what you are doing today whether it is at the soccer field, baseball game, running errands and do something to make someone smile. Buy a coffee for a stranger or a cookie for the man in line at the snack shack or a candy bar for the cashier at the store or help someone get their groceries into the car JOIN the race with a friend and pay for their registration (you know I had to add that). DO SOMETHING and say "This is for Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer's pay back". Post it here or Face book. I triple dog double dare your ass!! I beat you get more out of it than the person you are making SMILE!! PINK POWER today people:)


  1. happy to make you smile...and cry ;)just a little, though. you are SUCH an inspiration and a warrior. since i came across your blog however that was...i have loved every second of what you are doing for the fight. your honesty and raw telling of the journey....i know people like you can get worn and weary...and a little love helps. so THANKS and ENJOY!! you are inspiring folks far away from you....just sending a little love back!! :)

    1. Really you are the amazing one. This makes me feel so empowered! Thanks amillion times, please inbox me your address:)