Monday, April 22, 2013

I got needs you know

Write about the things you couldn’t live without – list 10 things you need or love most. WEGO Day 22
I just love a good list one you can cross things off and feel like WOW I got shit done. I have this talk with my kids all the time needs versus wants. I guess this list will have to be based on needs, damn it all to hell a want list is much more fun. No doubt through stupid dumb breast cancer this list has altered but I have always been a breast health advocate, the irony is that I got breast cancer. I really thought I had a deal with the breast goddess, I guess the deal was my advocacy was going to be pumped up.  You know I am going to start this with a song. These are a few of my favorite things (now that’s a nice jingle for the morning!)
  1. The obvious a CURE, I feel so typical for writing that but it is the truth. How is it that we can find a way for a man to sustain an erection, but can’t cure a disease that is killing people even children. There has to be more advances.
 2. My kids to see a world where there isn’t hatred. I want them to be empowered by love so they can thrive! I hate having to explain evil to them
3. The image of the pink ribbon is great, I support it. But it isn’t what cancer is. It isn’t all pretty and tied up nicely It is painful and scared. I want people to see what is behind that ribbon, the real faces of cancer.
 4. A pair of Christian Louboutin’s. That has NOT changed through this whole process. And yes it is frivolous and will not solve a damn thing but it makes me happy.
 5. Woman need to really do self breast checks!!! Stop telling your doctor that you did it and actually feel them breasts. The best way to stop breast cancer is early prevention, the key to early prevention is staying breast healthy. I am living proof of this.
  6. I need my dad to be happy. I feel like he is finally after losing my mom 40 years ago, doing just that. I am so thankful for Deb, cause shit I was going to have to take care of his old butt and I have 4 kids!!
 7. People need to stop judging someone else’s journey to their own. We all struggle in different ways but we all want the same result, to LIVE life. I mean can’t we just help one another instead of making it a completion???
 8. I have a need to help those battling cancer now. Yes research is vital but what can we do about those sitting in chemo, going into surgery?? That is why Jill and I created Bravery Bags, we want to show those battling that there are actual survivors supporting them.
9. I need an oompa lumpa. I mean come on there were suffering on their island and need love. I would love for them to clean my house, do the laundry, go run errands and I would love them for that! (Sorry coffee is just sinking in and I don’t want to be serious right now)
 10. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find the route of cancer and stop it before it started?? I know we have the genetic testing but what about those who have tested negative (MEEEEEEE that is me!!). I need answers to why I got breast cancer. Stress?? Environment?? Hormone’s??? There is an answer out there, we just need to find it. Maybe just maybe the answer is on one of my kids, would that be an irony of the fabulous kind??

I would like to point out that not once I said I need to be a princess, not once!! Maybe because I already am.

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