Monday, November 19, 2012

Doctor doctor give me the news...

I figure if you have to go to see the doctor, might as well see as many as you can! I get to go see my plastics first. I do have to say I love this office. The ladies are fabulous and I am usually in and out! Strange I know but I must not lie, I like going to this office. I am excited for the doc to check my new boobs and let me know how he feels they are healing. I will say that my friend Kristin was right, there is no stuffing these boobs into a dress, what a bitch it was finding one that is just right!

 I am also thrilled because they will tell me when I can get my INK!! Now that puts a large smile on my face. Tom drew these magnolias that are pink and white and have branches that will wrap to the side and cover the drain mark. I figure hell, if I get them soon I won't feel a thing. Plus, I am thinking this is the perfect time for my Dad to get his, anyone else???.

OHHHH and then there is the box of nipples. Did you know that they have a box of nipples you can choose from to stick on for certain outfits??? Oh hell yes I am getting some, I see lots of good times ahead with nipples. Genevieve will love taking those pictures. I also will be getting the OK to work out. I miss working out so much and my partner misses me yelling at her. I am just one workout away from a good mood and shit, it’s been months, so you know what a bitch I have been. I know that I won't be doing wall pushups by Friday but I need something. I feel like a flabby mess. I want shut up and squat, BURPEESSSSS I miss you so.

Then I am off to the breast care doctor, who I also LOVE!! I am lookinhg forward to seeing her new office. Just a checkup so I am hoping for a quickie there too. We will be talking about when she feels I will be ready for the oophorectomy (I just love that word). I know I get December off of surgeries then January it looks like it is back at it. Do you see that this is not "over" with a mastectomy?? The appointments are ongoing as well as the checks. This is why it is so important to love your doctors and the staff; you spend a lot of time there. YOU and YOU alone have to like them not your Uncle Lou's neighbor Lola, their opinion shouldn't matter and they should keep it to themself.

I am going to just enjoy the holidays. January looks too intense for me. I go back to the oncologist for all my "cancer tests". NOT at all looking forward to scans, blood work, needles and results. Then surgery, but we are not talking about that right now like I said HOLIDAY....CELEBRATE!

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  1. Okay, so I found the rub on nipples online, ordered them and then proceeded to put them all on at once, like a dog. Peeing my pants laughing so hard (pics on my blog). But a box of nipples???? Wha???? Where can I get a box of nipples?!?!?!?