Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Funny how a little  breast cancer gives Thanksgiving a whole new perspective. I used to have some snarky comment about stealing land from the Indians, but now I just have thankful thoughts. Ok I still have snarky comments, but I am more thankful than ever. I am not sure how I could ever express all my thanks and how overwhelmed with it I am. I am thankful I had enough breast education to get my lump checked and to pursue it beyond a "normal" mammo. I am so thankful for my doctors who I trust and know they are doing all that they can to keep me alive and focused. I am thankful for all those who support and help STUPID DUMB BREAST CANCER because this is my mission now. I am thankful for every single friend that brought me dinner, a cancer gift, took my kids, held my hand, threw me a party, listened to me cry or was just here. I am beyond thankful for my family who loves me so much and worries with me through all my worries and supported me (and obeyed the "no crying" rule). I am thankful for my babies and all the gentle hugs and the pride they have encountered supporting their momma! I am thankful for my TFO that even through the rough spots he is there holding me and loving me. I am just thankful this year. I am giving thanks for breathing. This Thanksgiving raise your glass to LIFE, SALUD!  ("to health!"in Italian).

My crazy ass Italian Family


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