Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ya piece of cheese

One of my favorite pic, my grandmother could DANCE!!
Happy Birthday to one of the strongest pain in the asses I ever knew. Today was my grandmother’s birthday and she was the true badass! She spoke her mind and didn’t care how it came out or how you took it. Nana did it all from the heart or not at all. She would iron the shit of out clothes (took 100 washes to get the creases out) and did not believe in a Swifer. She actually thought the devil invented it! Her skin was gorgeous and she ate like a champ. When the chips were down she was at your side to clean it up. She drove us nuts with her gospel talk and quotes from 60 minutes. She loved baseball and basketball but HATED football. Her doughnuts had to be crème filled or it was a not worth it . She was known to take food out of the garbage as to not let it go to waste and she would eat the food off your plate if you turned away. Her basement was damp and musty but refused to stay upstairs.  Every Sunday she buttered both sides of my boys bread and gave them a dollar. Nana made the best eggplant and no one really can do it like her even though we all think we do. I miss her more than life and want her here beside me. I want to listen to her bible quotes and the click of her dentures. I want to take her to Peter’s to buy 2 bananas cause she only liked them fresh. I want her to yell at me for drinking diet Coke and booze. I want to hear her say that woman who drink beer out of bottles are "trashy butanas". I want to hear her say “twenty lashes with a wet noodle”. I wish she was here to tell me all the things I am doing wrong during this battle eeven though I know she would be so proud. I want her to cry with me…..
Happy birthday ya old lady, you will always be 90 years YOUNG to us!!


  1. Said so well...and I've been sad and teary all day because I miss her so much....thanks for the good cry. I wish she was here for you too..I wish alot of things for you my baby sister. The angels are with your favor, in your corner. Love you..