Friday, January 18, 2013

Rosemary’s baby



Even before stupid dumb breast cancer reared its ugly head I have been a cystic girl. I have had a little dusting and cleaning done every other year just about (I think the technical term is D & C but mine is funnier). I have had 3 miscarriages and 4 babies, a tubal ligation, ablation and a scope every now and then, needless to say my girl parts have been worked over. So when I was still getting the periods after the ablation my sweet doc decided to have a look, like he hasn’t been there before! Low and be hold there are some more cysts growing like wild fire. If you saw my file at this office you would laugh, the girls can’t even fit it in the holder they have to set it on the counter. I think one uses a forklift to get it out, So these cysts (Rosemary’s baby we call them, if you have no clue what I am talking about please Google) are giving me pelvic pain, pressure, lower back pain and cramps like the devil’s child. Considering my history it is ALL coming out. My cervix, uterus, tubes, ovary…out and good riddance! I really thought this would be about 5 pounds worth of weight but it looks like its only ounces, wtf I get robbed again! Once the pathology reports come back we will know what the next steps are. Taking this one step at a time and trying not to leap forward.

Here is the truth, I am scared like a crazy lady. The uncertainty of all this makes me nuts. Plus, add the fact that they thought I just had papilloma and then told me it was stupid dumb breast cancer makes my nerves even worse. I did not realize that the surgery was 3-4 hours, well I guess when they roto rooter your vagina they need to keep you under for awhile. I have been told that my begging will not work to go home. Looks like I am sleeping over, my sister offered to stay with me but really could the hospital deal with the both of us??? Unfortunately for me this doctor and staff know me oh too well so I know I can not beg my way to going home. I need my rest they say, yeah cause getting my vitals checked every half hour is so restful. As my brother says “Don’t be difficult, try to be someone else” so I guess I will listen. The surgery itself is at the same place I had my mastectomy, I am hoping for the same attendant!!  I guess I need new PJ’s, MC will you help me find some. LOL I can not find PJ’s I like, partly because I am so friggin short and the other cause I don’t normally wear them!

don’t even get me going over the menopause shit. I will be in full on menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, my poor family. If anyone has any suggestions I will take them because I can not have hormone, breast cancer LOVES estrogen. I am wiggin out about this, I am a spaz as it is I can not image adding to this!

Overwhelming oh hell yes! So glad I got the easy cancer, huh? I am hoping for everything to be ok but the world is a crazy whacky place so you know what they say “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

I went and got my eyebrows done, shoes shinedSmile, pedi next week, hair next week, then its show time! I have the BEST shoes for this one, these are glittered out, I mean come one they are taking a LOT out. Last time I was so concerned with what underwear to wear, well this time I do not need any. If you have read my blog you know I am very inappropriate  under anesthesia, can you image what will come out as they place my legs in stir ups!? Last time I had surgery with this doc I told the nurse to make sure he didn’t slip a ruffie, thanks god they had a sense of humor. Don’t worry I waxed too (Brazilian that is lmao).


  1. Good luck, my friend. You will come through with flying colors. Can't wait to see the shoes! XOXO

  2. I had my uterus & cervix removed (fibroids as big as 18-wk gestation babies... gawd!!) at 39yo and my ovaries went at 52yo. I started in with menopause when I was 45yo. I had 3 kids when it started (4yo,14yo,19yo), was bathing my mom everyday (she was also living with us), into our 12th year of homeschooling, and was sweatin' up a storm. Now was the sweat from the hot flashes or cos I was workin' so damn hard??!! Who knows... and you won't either, girl. You'll stay busy with the kids & the hubby & all the rest... and you'll be sweatin' & mood swingin' & it'll be just like any other day in the life of a busy-as-hell wife & mom. Don't worry... it'll all be cool. Carry on!!