Monday, November 5, 2012

Stacks for Racks!

Tonight was the Trapper's II event "Stacks for Racks" and it was a huge success. We raised $1000 for our Cure or Bust Race for the Cure team and Cancer Control Division in Radiation Oncology at the University of Rochester. My sweet friend Luke is a researcher there and they are doing some fantastic studies on joint pain. I am looking forward to taking a tour soon and eating a garbage plate, well I want to see the hospital really! 

I can not begin to tell you what tonight was for me. This whole journey, my girlfriends have been with me every step of the way, some right now on my heels! But tonight their husbands showed me some crazy support. Yes, it was poker and yes there was beer involved and yes they won some money and YES they stayed until the kids were in bed. The reality is that they would not have been there if they didn't  care about me or my rack. A special thanks to Brent's  dad Tom, the VFW donated a very generous and sweet envelope of money to us, again thanks that was so sweet.

A MAJOR like huge thanks to Trapper's II for hosting this event. I can not wait until the next poker and the "Bunco for the Bust" being held there. The staff is fantastic, the food yum and drinks cold! Alyssa was beyond helpful tonight, thanks so so much. My girlfriend Katie, even though she was sick, came down and helped run the desk until I got there! She has been so supportive and tonight would not have happened if she wasn't there. Damn 12 year old concert getting in my fund raising fun way! My hubby who normally stands by my side, was da man! I loved seeing him in stupid dumb breast cancer action, love you TFO.

The winners of the night go to Tom Stedman for 3rd, Rick Volcano for 2nd and Brent Stedman for 1st!! Andy Miller went away with the flat screen TV, I am sure one of his girls will be taking that.. My cousin Tommy won some SU tickets for this weekend, boy I hope he takes my friggin kids. Thanks again for all your generosity! 

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