Sunday, October 21, 2012

A pictures says a thousand words

Tom's favorite image
I have found in looking at these pictures I can truly see the emotions. Some of which I still have not seen, so it will be a roller coaster for me.  Tom was hugging me before I was wheeled away. It was just as intense as this picture shows. I told him "I love you" and he said "See you on the other side", "WTF??? I hope not!" As true as this journey has been emotionally intense, it has also been filled with laughter. I have always been the one cracking jokes at funerals, just trying to make the nervousness dissipate. I also joke when I am nervous, it breaks the ice for me and makes the other person uncomfortable (I like it that way, I am a sick bitch, I know). So when I make inappropriate jokes and comments just know that I mean it with love, blahahahahah (insert evil laugh). I will also be very emotional so be prepared for crying, too. Looks like you will be seeing a little "Sybil" action! Please come with good positive energy and leave your negativity at the door (my bouncers will bounce your ass right outta there). I am in no mood for bullshit, so back off if these pictures "offend" you. I just want people to understand how stupid dumb breast cancer REALLY affects people! Not just the physical and emotional changes, but how, as horrible as it is, it brings people together. My family (because they have no choice and I have 10 years, yes Heather, 10 YEARS to play that card), my friends (because we are bonded by a sisterhood unlike no other and I think they are a little scared of me) and a community (who has given time, resources and money to support this cause) have been the soap box for which I stand! So join me today as I stand up on my soap box to cancer (well really in 6 inch stilettos).

My favorite image, right after surgery with my dad who's smile says it all!

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