Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boob juice

Yesterday was erratic and long, stressful and painful, yet full of energy, smiles and a really great time! I had a sono of my thyroid which raised some questions but it will be fine I am sure. Then I got my first fill and what a fill it was! Genevieve called it "boob juice" which I loved so that's what I am calling it now. They take a metal connector to find the right spot then the injection starts! No joke the needle resembles a turkey baster. How did it feel!??  STRANGE!!!! It made me a little nauseous. Feeling the liquid go into a foreign plastic bag in my chest just made me feel queasy, yuk! It didn't kill, it was just way uncomfortable in a painful way. I mean, shit, I had a double mastectomy and delivered four babies!  After my awesome Boob Juice Injector Babe did the right side we looked and you could really could see the difference. The right looked big and the left deflated.When she did the left, Genevieve took a video of the other side getting injected and you can see it grow! This whole process is wild. Medically, wow, mentally ugh, physically ouch! Still blows my mind I have stupid dumb breast cancer, I mean WTF?! Glad I have great doctor,s just wish I didn't need them.
We ended the night with some great friends, family and deep fried pickles! We rocked out to the Commodores, funny cause I got a brick house in my chest! They rocked the house (well not at all they were horrible but we had the best time). A few cocktails and I didn't feel the pain. Until about 1am then fuuuuuucccckkkkkkkk. My shoulders hurt, my back, armpits all are so sore. She said I would feel like a just had a good workout. Yes that's one way to describe it but it's more intense than that. Sleeping was no good, maybe a couple of hours total. I know it won't last but shit. I hate how I start to feel just a little better only to get smacked again.  I just want to move past this all.
Now the big decision, when do I stop the filling? The verdict was straight down the middle last night. Most Chicks told me one more fill, shocking. Not sure what I will do but it's my choice. I feel like this is the only thing I can control. So I will control it yet still take comments that will be evaluated then processed for the final ruling. My ruling no matter how many Tom says "DD"!!!

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