Monday, August 27, 2012

Pissed off!!

I'm so pissed I'm not sure I can type. You know when you're so mad you want to scream LOUD! I have to run some tests this week for my thyroid; I am sure it's fine, but now there is always the "rule out cancer" fucking bullshit. I am also going to see a GYN oncologist because of all my cysts and tumors that I have had to have scraped out in the past, got to be on top of ovarian cancer, WTF! Close a door only to open one that leads to.....NOWHERE (and I do not mean Nowhere City for you Syracuse people). BUT this is what another breast cancer friend had on her blog and she is as pissed as me......
Are you fucking kidding me??? Now let me state, I am loud, a little offensive, sometimes crude, even abrasive but you have got to be kidding! This is not sarcasm, this is fucked up. Do you want the pain I've been through? How about the stress of worrying if everything was going to be ok? Or the scars... you must want the scars? Wait, no nipple-s that's a plus? Must be not having any feeling in your tattas? I have been mutated (hand crafted really) to a point I do not recognize my body, it's changed and so have I.  What about Jennifer or Aileen who left this world too short because of stupid dumb mother fucking breast cancer?  Or the woman going through hard chemo/radiation that is sick, tired, and still fighting? Nice, real nice! Do not even get me started on the two body images in the pic!  And in the words of my husband, "it must have been a man". Stupid dumb breast cancer, UGH.


  1. WHERE THE F U C K was this???? WHERE??????? Holy shit.... the top of my head is about to explode....

  2. An another Bc fighter "My Journey Through the Fire" had it on her blog. I almost lost it. My hands were shaking when I was typing. I blows my fucking mind that anyone would even say this. Now granted I've been known to say "free boobs and all I had to do was get breast cancer" but 1st I'm being sarcastic and 2nd I have fucking breast cancer and can say that! I'm so pissed been searching for the source, a little scared for them when I find it! Miss ya girl!

    1. Well... when you FIND the source, I have about 50 people who will be all over them in a New YORK fucking minute. You can lead the charge and I'll be right behind you....

      Yes.. A-being sarcastic (or self deprecating) is okay ...... putting something like this in a public space... oh yeah... I'm sure this might just start a war of the pink roses....

      Miss you, too..... been a bit nutty..... Mom has this "thing" going on with a PET scan. Now pushed back for 3 weeks......Tomorrow MUST BE AN OFFICE day... my paperwork is all jammed up... but I'll be looking here for answers....


    2. I will cupcake! Sending "mom" all my positive vibes!!

  3. I'm with ya AM, this is really off the wall and wrong in so many ways... p.s. I have no idea how to publish my name??? feeling like an idiot! so I'm using my wordpress name! Dana

  4. I read recently that a nursing student (a nursing student of all things) wrote on her Twitter (she did, I read it, she got hammered but all sorts, deleted and THEN set everything to private- I digress: She wrote that, "Addison's get skinny and tan? Why can't I have that disease?" For those of us with Addison' is no laughing matter due to the daily issues with it despite meds. I feel your ire on this as it is so ridiculous. It may not be a man...just what society has taught us about what it is to be a WOMAN. Thin, tan, pretty, etc. I wonder if she would consider the OTHER less talked about side effects for either disease????? Twisted.