Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is my favorite spot on earth. It just makes me smile like a real smile. We are here with our cousins, my dad, G-Deb, and our friends will be here tomorrow. The boys have caught crabs (no no do not go there), sea stars, some huge fish and other crawly things and that was just half a day on the beach. It is dinner time and like always too much food and booze. I will sit on my ass and tell them what to do, just like always. Of course, if another cup of ping pong balls fall on my head or kitchen sprayer soaks me or I sit on a farting cushion I am going to smack someone, HARD! Good days ahead, hitting Welfleet tomorrow, mmmmmmm OYSTERS!!!


  1. Remember to not overdo! But enjoy it all! Xo

  2. That is just the best medicine EVARRRRRRR!!!!! Love you girl--so glad you are getting your Cape Cod fix!! Stay your ass in that chair and let people take care of you--I know you're sick of it but it probably won't happen again until you are like 95!! <3