Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Proud to call myself a survivor

First, let me start by saying I meet with the oncologist TOMORROW. Until then I do not have any reports back and will hopefully have all that info after the appointment. So stop friggin asking me! A friend just dropped off beautiful flowers (the card read "get better big mouth") and a ton of candy. She asked about chemo and I said I was unsure but hopeful I was in the clear. She told me how great I will look in short hair (perfect thing to say!), to which I said "if I have to go bald all my friends are too". To which she replied "we aren't that good of friends", I needed that truth! I am still cracking up here.

I got the pictures from Genevieve of yesterday. Her artistic eye is unreal. As much as I look like the Bride of Frankenstein she made them beautiful. Wait she made me look beautiful when I feel anything but. I want other breast cancer woman to see me and think "damn breast cancer looks good on her". I want them to know they are not alone, that it hurts like a bitch is scary as hell and looks like a shit (at first, I was promised this is not the outcome and I affirmed that if it was I was suing) but they have people to turn to and lean on that have gone through this. I will add these picture to the tab above and do not click it if you think it's too much. To me it is what it is and I'm proud that I'm fighting hard, OK and a little whinny at times but shit it's stupid dumb breast cancer! I will stand with my head up, shoulders back and high heels on as you look at my road to recovery. I am speechless at these pictures and I think they speak volumes, so brace yourself, there will be no comments. I am keeping my big mouth closed.....


  1. your big mouth is closed, but we are allowed to comment right? You are very brave. For telling your story and showing the images which are raw and real and maybe more than some want to see, but you warned them of that already.

    1. Breast cancer is raw and real and in order to combat that we have to be brave. I am brave because of YOU and all the people supporting me. Thanks again Genevieve for making this journey easier through pics!

    2. Genevieve,
      Your pics are amazing. Ann Marie is a perfect subject with her gorgeous soul! and you really know how to make it show so beautifully. Thank you for your ability to do that.
      Ann Marie, you look freakin fantastic....you truly do.

    3. Tracy has to be the best complimented person! But she is sooooo right about Genevieve :)

  2. These pictures are beautiful, you are beautiful.