Sunday, June 17, 2012

Damn this is real?!

Wow! I feel like this is happening to someone else. I have gone through this with some many friends, now I am taking this stupid dumb adventure. Tomorrow starts the doctor visits, the waiting, the insurance issues and all I can think about is "I swear if I can not go to opening day at the Great New York State Fair, someone is going to get hurt". I will not let this LUMP in the road stop me. I will let it slow me down for a little. It will never pull me down. I will let my friends and family help me. I am saying this both to remind me to let them and for them to remember that I will need help. I got 4 friggin kids and a husband who will need a hand! I have beast mode on full blast. You have to make lemonade with those lemons, cause hell they are free lemons (just add tequila). Free boobs and all I had to do was get stupid dumb breast cancer!

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