Friday, June 22, 2012

Cancer Perks

As much as cancer just plain sucks there are serious perks! My family and friends have been beyond generous. It amazes me that people are really nice and not everyone is a complete ass. I haven't even gotten to the really bad junk yet and am speechless at the out pouring of gifts! Yes, I said speechless:) Not sure what Tom likes more the gifts or my lack of speaking. Who knew that when someone gets stupid dumb breast cancer they get cancer perks??? Thank you to all those being so thoughtful. Really you have no idea how much your thoughtfulness means to me.  Do not worry if you have been waiting to give me your  cancer gift you have all summer. Actually, I have been told I can pull the "I have breast cancer" card for 10 years. really do make a girl feel better!
Miu Miu pink glitter sandals

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