Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rosie Posie

We love you Rosie 
Oh yes we do
We love you Rosie
It's true
We love your smile 
and drunk eye too
Oh Rosie I love you! 

Sung to the jingle of "Healthy, Normal, American Boy" from the Bye Bye birdie musical. Please don't judge! 

I would be lost without you, like in a scary dark place.  You understand when I'm sad and can't explain why. You get that sometimes depression hits at the happiest of moments, those are the times you dry my tears. You know when to tell me some story that gets my mind off what I'm thinking yet makes no sense. You knew that our tattoos hope, love, and live would be just what we needed to start our battle against stupid dumb breast cancer. You knew that our family is strong in our numbers and it's forever. You always know when to hug me and when to let go, which is never. You are there for the boys and for Tom like an auntie should be. You are my Rosie and I love you. 

Happiest of birthdays to my Rosie who always knows how to make my tiara shine! 

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