Thursday, October 10, 2013

I wasn’t going to but now I am PINK

I will have this pink ribbon forever LIVE, HOPE, LOVE
I swore I was going to refrain from this but I feel the need to let loose, god help all those around me. I am just sick of the “pinkwashing” and “pinkbashing” that there has to be a happy medium. It is so secret that I love pink, the color makes me feel fabulous so I am drawn to it. I like the way I look in pink, yellow not so much I have olive skin coloring. So that in itself is an issue, not everyone likes pink and that is ok. Do I think the marketing world is trying hard to sell the pink ribbon, for sure! Do I think that it is in part because they are breast and breast sell, oh hell yes. Do I think that they are selling pink without education, damn straight. Do I think this can be helped, no I do not but we can educate ourselves on how to deal.
Pink to them makes them smile
When my boys wear pink or that ribbon we all want to bitch about it makes them smile. The smile is because not only did their adorable princess momma have breast cancer but she is here today to hug them. When Tom wears his pink rubber bracelet it makes him for a moment think of all we have fought for and how love and support took breast cancer over. They love supporting all that pinkalious stuff to tell anyone who will listen just what Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer is about and what it did to our family, make us stronger. They have nothing but pride when they wear that, is that wrong??? I dare you to tell them it is.

YAHOOOO for my girls who will never be anything less than sisters.
When my BFF’s rock the pink for me it is to show that they will always be at my side, always. For me  when I wear anything that has breast cancer on it I do think about all my friends that have lost their battle. When someone says “did you have breast cancer?” It opens up this conversation about breast health, getting your mammos and feeling your boobs up. For me it is a chance to share my story in hopes that someone learns something. Maybe when she wears her pink breast cancer whatever she has (I have never seen her closet) my friend Nancy can talk about being triple negative and teach about how she took cancer by the horns and beat it up! Maybe wearing that ribbon will give me a chance to talk about this amazing woman Lisa who lost her battle but never gave up hope. Why can’t the pink ribbon open up conversation???

Well here is why because so many companies abuse the hell out of it. When you buy that bag of cotton balls (I hate cotton balss so I never would buy them but maybe you would) that have pink ribbons on it you think “awesome I can clean my face and help those battling”. Not always the case.Check the back, where does the money go? Some no name place that does nothing? how much goes, most cap what they will donate. And how much goes, there is always a percent. I remember a jean company (do not ask me the name cause I can not remember and I do not feel like looking it up, you can though, let me know) sold pink ribbon jeans for the cause. Yeah well only $.008 went out of the $50.00 that cost for the jeans, they capped it at $25,000 and the money went to “a breast cancer research”. Really?? Then there is the products that are just bad for you, KFC greasy ass chicken should not be consumed by anyone much less someone battling cancer. Use your head here people or not if it makes you happy then buy the damn chicken I am not your mother. I am just here to guide you.

I will tell you what gets me more is when dumb ass products are the ads have smiling, beautiful woman who look so happy to have cancer. There is always an African-American, an elderly and a middle aged Caucasian, I swear they think this covers everyone, they are hugging and smiling like they just went to see “Magic Mike”. I was never happy ever, I laughed cause it got me through but happy no friggin way. I know laughing  my way through cancer was the only way I could deal so  I sure did. How about using this image if you want a smile…
what is behind that pink ribbon, my reality
Yes there is a smile but the reality of how breast cancer changes you is smack there. Not everyone wants to smile some can’t there is too much against them. But showing them a fake image is never going to help or make them feel empowered. No one wants to talk about those with metastatic breast cancer but the truth is they are who we should be focusing on. The reality of their mortality is in their face 24/7. My friend Lisa says it all and holds nothing back. Her life is not tied pretty in a pink ribbon.

I know you are reading this think WTF is she nuts and totally all over the place, well we know I am but I just want you dumbasses to see all the points here and make your own choices. There are some awesome places to donate. Of course there is always SDBC and my mission for Bravery Bags, I want to help those in this community and make them smile just a little. It may not change the world but it changes one persons world and that is fabu for me. Cancer Connects is a local group that provides complimentary therapy, mentors and aide to my peeps in my community!!  Check Army of Woman who are doing amazing research in the cancer world by using real breast cancer warriors. I am proud to be a part of any study I can fit into. Metavivor is a new organization committed to change the world of Mets which as of now only gets 2% of funding to the 30% who have mets. Maybe giving to Personal so that survivors can covers those scars and get their self back just a little. So do not tell me there are not important organizations out there that are doing great things, you can also not tell me that they do not rock the pink just a little. The difference is they do it responsibly, try that!
Pink OUT where wearing pink made you a queen, drag style
Life is a party no matter what it is throwing at you. If you want it to be a pink bash have at it or maybe it will be a black tie affair the choice is yours. Who are we to judge. You can either be a party pooper (hint no one like that person they suck) or the life of the party (that is me and I throw a killer party) just do it the right way. I have a great neon pink dress and high ass heels so if you are having a party please invite me, I just need time to shine my tiara!


  1. I'm so glad you decided to let loose! If a person doesn't do that now and then she'll explode, right? Maybe especially during October!

  2. I am so THERE with you, sista!! <3 Love it!

  3. Absolutely THE most sensible article I've read... EVER... about the whole subject of "Pinktober". I love it. The article's real. The article's true. The article's right on.

    All the things you are too!

    Love ya~ Andrea

  4. The pink can get a little repetitive and Pinxwear is another great company rocking it responsibly!

  5. I can't find the damn like button. LIKE times a gazillion… xox

  6. my mom died in 1976 of breast cancer. i was 9. we have THANK GOD come a long way since then.