Friday, October 4, 2013

Anthony Jude the way cool dude

I love the way you make pancakes all by yourself and how proud you are when everyone eats them up. I love when you read a book to Jules all snuggled on the couch. I love watching you play soccer with the older boys because I know you are giving it your all. I love the smile on your face when its Sunday and we are having rigatonis! I love that you are named after my mom. I love listening to you sing even though the lyrics are completely inappropriate. I love you even though when I think of your delivery I can only remember punching daddy and screaming at anyone that entered, once a pain always a pain! I  love that today you turn 8 cause 8 is great just like you!
All of this almost negates the fact you pick on your brothers and taunt them while walking through the house in muddy cleats! But the fact that you out of all the kids treats me like a princess makes you my favorite (just don’t tell the others).

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