Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Love him or hate him

My dear sweet brother ...blahahahahahahahaha! My brother is the kind of person you turn to when you want the ultimate truth, when need help moving a body, when you need back up, when you need to be loved. He loves with his whole heart does things only because he wants to which means he loves you enough to do it.  His advice is always given even if you don't want to hear it. He gives his all to a relationship and expects you to do the same. He speaks his mind whether you want him to or not. And he has taught me how to do all that I just added my touch to it. He drives me nuts when he stops over at 7am but I don't want him to ever stop, ever. He won't read this cause he hates to see my chest, he used to change my diapers to its weird to him. He called every day, stopped by but still felt helpless. I saw the pain in his eyes while I went through everything. There was no body to move, he was just pissed at cancer. He never left my side through all this and was right were my kids needed by their side. He is the godfather to my son Sam and the perfect choice. I love my brother and would do all the above and more for him. I need him in my life and my kids. Happy birthday to the best back up a princess could have! 

Oh and happy birthday to my sweet god daughter Nicole. I love you  my little munchkin and really really look forward to your 21st birthday! You getting that tattoo means more to me than I think you will ever understand. I want you to never have to go through what I did, ever and for that I will always fight. I also don’t want you to get pregnant right now so use protection, just saying. Thanks for all you have done for me this year. Now be a good girl and shine my tiara!! 

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