Friday, March 1, 2013

Cancer is a drag

We are days away from the PINK OUT and I still don't have a friggin dress, you know I got the shoes though, thanks to an old friend! The dress will be bought tonight, the pinker the better, the more sparkle the better! my hair is already pink:)
Why a drag show? Why not! Since when does fund raising have to be boring? Not when I'm involved. I want it to be a blast so you have no choice but to reach into your pockets and donate. There is no question about it I can throw a party and this will be over the top. I came to my good friend/hairdresser/bar owner Duke with a little idea for this and because he is Duke he brought in amazing talent. These queens are from Ru Paul's Drag Race, this is not some small town drag show this is the drag show. Rain Lounge is a place I have visited a few times, ok so what if they named the pole after me and the staff knows my drink, the place is perfect. It is about accepting people for who they are, no matter their differences. It is about loving someone in-spite of their differences. Doesn't that say enough! I am beyond thrilled to be sponsoring this show with my sweet friend Duke as the host. I just hope all the queens don't mind sharing the stage with a princess!
This event will benefit my new partner (more on that SOON) Cancer Connects. They are a local     organization that helps cancer patients through mentoring, support, and  massage therapy. please check them out. I could not be more happy to be helping my local community.  I know that there will be a cure someday but I do not know if I will ever see that. I want to help my warrior friends NOW, who are battling and need support. Cancer Connects helps your whole being which is vital especially after. The other to benefit from the event is my race team CURE OR BUST. CNY Komen helps our community, free mammos being one of them
Check out the team and while you are, join!

PINK OUT will be an amazing show no doubt. There will be a photo booth, cocktails and friends. The silent auction items are awesome and will raise us a ton of money. The shirts are pink and fabulous and only available at the event. So please come out, no pun intended. Join us as we show that cancer is a drag but we don't have to be a downer about it!

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  1. Good luck and have FUN! I sounds like you're throwing one heck of a party. ~Catherine