Sunday, January 6, 2013

I ride for LIFE...

They will never take a piece of my sould

Ready and go...

Getting the riders pumped


Looks like they are having FUN

Listen up peeps:)


Here we go....

Prep for the ride to hell

A little slice of Chin

My partner in crime..HANNAH

The Rack Pack, they even got me a shirt:)

Honey Badger don't play Nip

Ready to ROCK

Can you see the energy here??

And so it begins...

I amazed at how awesome this community is. Not only did 185 riders come out to endure the sensational 6 instructors ride, but we raised close to $5000.00!!! No joke people can I get a WHOOT WHOOT???  Part will go to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure under team CURE OR BUST; you can register for that race on that team NOW!! And to help in the fight against bone cancer. This brings Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer up to almost $20,000.00 for various cancer charities. Pretty damn good for a little Italian girl from the Nort Side and her stupid dumb breast cancer. A fellow survivor took the challenge just like she attacked stupid dumb breast cancer like a badass, Suzanne rode for 6 hours. She left the center with a smile so I think she had a blast! Massively huge thanks to Cor Development Company for giving us the space to hold this event and providing snacks to the riders. Epic Outdoor Adventure gave us water bottles to give out to the early bird registrations and to the winning team name…….DICKS FOR CHICKS!! Six GREAT guys won and they could not have been more proud. Thanks to Taylor for providing visors to the instructors and the “Big Bone” rider, we missed you girl! Many thanks to every single instructor for donating their time, the room were filled with high energy for over 6 hours!!! Thanks to my Sam for wiping the bikes in between the rides and to my niece Jess and cousins Rosie and Meg for their help! Even though she was only supposed to stay for an hour my Deb (soon to be step mother!!) stayed for the whole event and helped so much their is no way to thanks. MC got up and came out to help but she knows I would have beaten her if she didn’t. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST HANNAH!!!!  She helped do it all, I loved working with her and cannot wait to plan the next ride. We are a fabulous teamJ

What is great is that after every event I am in awe at the success! What is even better is that it pumps me up for the next one! When I was diagnosed with this stupid dumb breast cancer I knew I was not going to take it and just roll with it. I wanted to not only beat it but show it who was boss! With all the donations for these events it keeps my cost to a minimum which means the more to kick cancer into outer space. I am done sitting by and doing nothing, I am making this what I was set out to do. I am really making cancer learn it picked the wrong bitch. Awareness can be spread fast and furious through these events and I am a party planner!! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did today. Even when YNN, The Post Standard and CNY Central showed up, check the local news tonight for sure.  

 I should really take it easy, no friggin way!! “Stacks for Racks” February 11th Trapper’s II in Minoa. I have an event for everyone. Just you wait to see what is up my sleeve for March, it is fabulous!!!!

Raffle winners….I feel funny using last names please contact me if you think it is youJ

Teresa Russo bowl-Judy F
Karen Cycle/Strength-Jojo, Tony D, Teri B
Shannon Yoga-Megan B
Cor Room rental-Margret
Road Ready Spin-Kate
La Fleur Facial-Kim H
Glass bird plate-Eleanor
Bird Caddy-Kristin W
Bago of Goodies-Jill
MC Strength-Kathy S
Black Olive-Tom G
Pink Scarf-Chris B
Wild Bird Seed Ornament-Mandy
Sarah Hall Pot-Jim G


  1. I am loving the pictures! (Yep! It took me this long to recall my password and correct email. I am a work in progress!) CONGRATS!

  2. Wow, you're a busy woman! Good on you for using your party planning to raise huge funds. Congratulations!! ~Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine! I want everyone to think about cancer, it's the only way to find a cure!