Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are you shitting me?

TMI you might say or informative you might say, either way this is shitty! The docs tell you what they think is all you need to know then send you home with a slip of paper reading “drink a whole bottle of Magnesium Citrate then do a Fleet enema”, are you shitting me? Yes, literally you are. Drinking that bottle ironically tasted like ass, not that I know exactly what that tastes like! You need to be cleaned out before they go in plunging stuff around. An enema, how much more crap can I take. So tonight I spend the night before surgery in the friggin bathroom. I thought having a baby was hard work, well Rosemary’s baby is much worse than that. Do not even get me started on the “you will be very gassy after” part, I swear this is a man’s doing.  I had to miss my son’s concert because I didn’t know when it would kick in! All ok he is a lip syncer anyway, but who will stand up and wave until he waves back??
Ok let’s move on this is gross…I have been given some great advice from fellow hyster/oopherectomy girls and I find it so important. I thank everyone of them from Cali to Texas and Mexico to Italy they are amazing woman who have been so supportive and helpful.
  • You are bloated after so wear sweatpants
  • Heating pads help with gas/pain
  • Eat cupcakes (I like that one!!)
  • Do not even try to lift anything
Scared?? Well, I was much more nervous last week, feeling better now. It is what it is and you just have to deal and well that is that. It s my kids that is killing me. Ben is so nervous he is on overdrive. Sam just wants me to say there is no cancer. Anthony just wants to play with his friends and Julian well, he wants momma home to snuggle. My husband is plugging along but I see the look of concern on his face as clear as daylight. Hard to see the ones you loved scared and know that you can not say it is going to be ok! Has this increased my level of fight? Totally, wouldn’t it you? I think I am (as well as Tom) more nervous of FULL BLOWN menopause. There is no gradual slope here you are just in it head on. I can not take hormones so I am looking for no hormonal advice. I just hope that my family and friends will be as kind to me as I am ripping their heads off for the stupidest of shit. This journey has been insane:lump, no boobs, implants, reproduction parts, OH MY.
Everyone keeps asking if I am ready. Honestly, my bag is packed (killer shoes) and that is all I have to do. Now I wonder if anyone asked the doctor, nurses, anesthesiologist and ALL of Crouse hospital if they are ready for the “Princess in stilettos”??? Sleep well Doctor you got work to do first thing!


  1. We'll be praying AM!!! All will be well. <3

  2. my husband had to give me this about a month after the pain pills had stopped up.....I was so embarrassed but it worked!!!