Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tickets are on sale

Please join Genevieve Fridley Photography and me on October 21st from 4pm until 7pm as we display the real, uncensored version of stupid dumb breast cancer. The cost will be $10 advance sale tickets and $15 at the door. The show will be at Pascale's Restaurant in Fayetteville. Ticket sales will begin September 1st. Please contact me at amandtom@msn.com for ticket purchases. Tickets and donations can be paid via PayPal as well. The part of the proceeds will benefit the team CURE OR BUST at the 2013 Race for the Cure on May 18th. The other will go to Stand up to Cancer. https://www.standup2cancer.org/ I am so excited that we are using the money for research and education. Both of organizations are fabulous. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. If we have donations for food we will have more money for these important organizations! Contact me if you would like to donate.
There will be a cash bar and light appetizers, so drink heavily and eat minimal. We are looking for any donations for food and print costs. Genevieve is donating some prints. These print will be used at various events. If you are willing to help with keeping costs down PLEASE contact me. Thanks so The Art Supply Store for donating some framed pictures for the event, so generous. http://www.commercialartsupply.com/ Plus, please check the coupon on the blog as well! They are donating 10% of your purchase to Cure or bust, get your framing done and support the team.
Please mark your calendars and tell your friends. What better way to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month than showcasing a life SAVED from early detection. These pictures have been so incredibly therapeutic for me, amazing how Genevieve captures the emotion. They have also inspired other women going through stupid dumb breast cancer now (and friends of these women who need to see the harsh reality of it). I really hope to see you all there. Stupid dumb breast cancer lit a fire inside me. Join me as we find a way to stop it! I wonder what shoes to wear??!!
For Tickets Via PayPal. PLEASE tell how many tickets and if they are for survivors!


  1. wow that's actually amazing... I can totally understand you want to keep this photos close at heart.. but sharing them with the rest of the world.. how brave and inspiring! i wish you all the best and good luck with everything!!

    1. Thank you and believe me it is selfish, this is theraputic to me! Peace :)

  2. Hey Mama!!

    Are you going to put the paypal link up here? I'll be there!!

    XoXo- Steph!

  3. There is a PayPal link now, lmk if it works for you thanks lipgloss