Friday, September 7, 2012

Mommy is this why your boobies hurt so so bad?

That was my son when he watched this. Naw its fine, I got it! After much debating and lots of advice from friends and fellow boob juice women, I have decided to do one more fill, plus these tatas have shrunk!!I have been obsessed with looking at literally everyone’s boobs, I am getting very good at telling who has fakes and real. I have to live with these for the rest of my life, so does Tom even though he says he does not careJ.  The docs recommend trying on clothes to see how you look and most of my tanks are too big. Now let me say that having stupid dumb breast cancer has given me the right to shop like a mad woman after this so there will be new clothes, but I really like some of my old crap. It is a very hard decision. I am not at all looking forward to getting this down. Yes, now I know how it feels and while the injection of boob juice is bearable, the AFTER pain is not fun. And I have some fun planned this weekend!!! My workout girls are having an "After the Boobs" party tonight, these bitches can not only work out but they are awesome cooks and entertainers. Tomorrow we are going to my favorite restaurant as a bonus my dad and G-Deb is having the boys SLEEP OVER!!!! So the thought of being achy all weekend just sucks, but that it is life.

While I want to really piss and moan, bitch and vent but I cannot stop thinking about Jackie. My heart is heavy for her and her family and the suckiness of what she is going through. I HATE CANCER and how it changes your life and the lives around you. I see how it gets in my friend’s and family’s head and makes them sad.  Honestly, if you have never been affected by cancer, you do not understand the magnitude of how it rips lives up. It is stupid and fucking dumb how a disease really takes control of your life. I know my blog is not medically focused or scientific, but that is not what I need. This is completely for my emotions and how I feel. I will not apologize for the content. You either like me or leave me. I need this release and have found so many other survivors, fighters and those just diagnosed who need it too. I am so friggin happy to help them! Through this struggle I have realized who my support staff is and who is just standing there. Without my support staff, I would have snapped at the onlookers and things could have gotten ugly, so be grateful for them. I really am a nice loving person, really no jok,e I am. What are you saying I am not? WTF, how rude, don't make me smack you!

Genevieve will be there today to not only snap away some pictures but make sure I do not get too big. Gotta love my girls looking out for my girls!


  1. Go bigger definitely... remember shrinkage!

  2. Hi! Just popped over from Instagram to check out your blog... (Still debating on the whole facebook thing btw... but I like your idea of just having a group)

    You are so brave to post the pics of your ladies! And they are lookin' good! I didn't go the TE route... had immediate recon... I must say that the implant is heavy... just a heads up on that. I was a DD before all of this cancer crap. And now Im a C (recon on left and reduction on right) ...the recon implant is so much heavier than I thought it would be.

    Anyways, I think you are fabulous. Keep up with your awesomeness!


    – Ashley

    1. This is the most therapeutic thing I've done through this. I am struggling to accept this body and by helping others with these pics I'm helping myself! I'm really selfish:) thanks so much your words mean so much from one survivor to another you are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by! Peace love and perky boobs-am xoxox

  3. Big needle, already sore boobies--only you could deal with that and laugh and joke with the technician. Just watched Angelina J. in Wanted last night--she's got nothin' on you baby!! Lara Croft my ass!!