Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pissed but still awesome

My cousin called me today because her friend got the diagnosis of a life time, breast cancer! She asked if I would contact her, of course anything to help a sister out. BUT it pissed me off. It proved the 1 out of 8 woman fact, the every 2 minutes someone is diagnosed, the 100 lives are claimed every day to breast cancer, but we do not have to accept this. All of us can do something, I do not mean make a meal (which is helpful) or send flowers (which brighten a day) or buy shoes (which is AWESOME) but be active before that call is you or someone close. I have so many events planned you will have no excuse to not be active! What is it going to take to get you pissed off enough to join me? I am so pissed off that my boobs are gone and I have these foreign plastic bags in there, that I am still in pain, that I have these ugly scars. I am pissed my summer was so stressful, that I couldn't wear half my bathing suits, that I can not exercise the way I want. I am pissed off big time and that can only mean one thing. I am going to be a active in reducing those numbers. I am going to need all of you to support me on this. I will never be without breast cancer, I have scars forever and pills to take and more doctor appointments. So, in order to shove it back to stupid dumb breast cancer I have to take it down. I am pissed to that another beautiful sweet mother/woman/friend/daughter has to deal with this lumpy road. Be pissed with me and join me to eradicate breast cancer. I mean what else do you have to do??? Please pass my blog along to any survivor, fighter that you know to show that stupid dumb breast cancer will did not take this woman down, it pissed her off!

Check this out, my friend Shari's blog is #1 and Angelo is on there too. This is awerness!!!

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