Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home again

Home, kids fighting, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping...ahhhhh LIFE!!! Back in the saddle and its bittersweet. I feel better for sure and will enjoy this week free of doctor appointments and getting kids ready for school (it is the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!). Tried to drive yesterday, bad idea, Sam was freaking and it was just to Target but very difficult, WTF I need to get out!! The trip was fun but I must admit limited. It sucked not being able to do what I wanted without pain. The constant Jell-O shots helped greatly as did my personal bartender Meg. I had some fluid build up and had to sling my arm, not fun but I stopped me from using that arm, good thing it matched it matched my suit (always fashion forward). I am so not looking forward to the fills, DD here I come, NOT! Nor am I looking forward to the implant surgery, I want to work out and I mean WORK OUT to were I puke. DO not give me the "almost there", "look how far you have come", "next year will be better" bullshit because I know this but I am living it NOW. I have to keep my head in the days that are now so I can get through them then over them. One thing I always said about Race for the Cure and why some team numbers go down is this, people think that after the process you are finished with "all that cancer shit". I knew this not to be true that is why I have always pushed people to still join. SOOOO, here is what you need to keep in mind. Women who have fought and won still have medication to take, scars to look at and an ever changed body. The stupid dumb breast cancer does not go away it is always reminding us. There are woman finding their lump right now and their long, lumpy process has just begun. And those woman who have lost the fucking battle, well their family is living with that pain right now. So, in honor and memory of these beautiful, courageous woman my fight is just gearing up! Please mark your calenders for all the upcoming events, fund raisers and the RACE as I blog them. This battle is not just mine, but I am willing to be the pusher, I enjoy it so much. This is the year of celebrating life, fighting for a cure and honoring my breast cancer angels!

Another day, another breath

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  1. Welcome back. Sometimes even our "mommy lives" are just what the doctor ordered right? We all need a sense of normalcy once in awhile. I feel for you. It sucks not to be able to work out. Bringing dinner tomorrow...I will email you.