Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hahah stupid dumb breast cancer I got two pieces of me back, sucka!

Cookies for the hospital staff and shoes for me!

The surgery was a success! Ohhhhhh yeah. I have soft toobs (tissue boobs), I am so so happy. Drugged and in pain but satisfied. I came into the hospital with some badass wedges with lots of sparkle and try full of Italian cookies for the staff Yes  I used bribery even brought another tray for the ICU staff. OPPS did however forget my posse in the waiting room where they waited for 10 hours. They all know where the cookies are. 

Back to the toobies, I have the bestest plastic surgeon on the planet and his side kick amazaboobs. They did a great job and can't wait to show my breasties when they heal. The doctors took two. Swollen lymph nodes which were benign, bam! The entire staff is wonderful, I Mean really wonderful. They are smart, sarcastic and attending to my every whim which can be a little crazy. 
Thanks so much for all your love, support tweets, FB and Instagram comments. I can very drugged up  and trying to respond when I can. 

I just. Have to say this... Hahahahaahahahahahahaha cancer I for two pieces of me back! Sucker!! My tiara is shined and boa is fluffed but for now it's nap time! 


  1. YOU crack me up! Such an inspiration..So many people love you and with good reason...My mentor. Your mama Bear. Can't wait to see um....XOXOXO

  2. Big trays of cookies - very smart move :) And I'm glad to hear those lymph nodes came back benign. ~Catherine

  3. Luv the shoes, luv your attitude & luv your perspective! Keep Calm & DIEP on! Your rock girlie!! Nothing But Blue Skies ~Dee Anne XOXO

  4. Your Courage and Strength inspire me. Hold on Pink Sister!