Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Godmother

I love having a godmother I really do. We could not be more opposite but there is a serious bond. She took me to the movies when I was little and her boyfriend carried me on his shoulders. We would go into Small World and I would buy one thing, something small and made in China but I loved that! I was in her wedding and got to be a Junior bridesmaid, I felt so cool. I got my period and was with her PHEW that could have been awkward with my dad!  She took me to see Michael Jackson, I am sure she did that solely for ME!!!!!! She had a baby and asked ME to be her godmother, now I was cool. I even lived with her for awhile, god help them. Yes we have had some ups and downs but managed to put it all behind us, isn't that what family is about? She may not have been by my bed during this stupid dumb breast cancer journey but I felt like she was. I felt her worry and fright. I felt her love.
So today I am sending her an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for not only accepting me for me when I know you had other ideas but loving me too. Thank you for giving me some awesome childhood memories. And thank you for always treating me like a princess!!


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