Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween stupid dumb breast cancer style!

Ok so I totally get adults supporting me. My family had no choice and I am pretty sure my friends are afraid of dealing with me if they didn't. But 12 year old kids blow me away. My son Ben's friends are really awesome. His friend Luke rocked Stupid Dumb Breast like no boy will ever. I always loved this kid but WOW!! He is a boy who loves soccer and hanging with his friends yet somehow, some way Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer is on his mind. I believe that this is how we will find a cure, how we will end cancer. Our kids hold it in their hands!


Then there are these 2 girls. Yes they know people who have been affected by breast cancer so I get why they dressed like this.

But they took it up to a whole new level. They did not get candy on this Halloween. They asked for donations! This was so generous and kind. This is how children become women and men of the future. This is how we end breast cancer. This is how I believe in HOPE. So when you sit back and watch this you will not be able to find negativity in this, if you do, well you lose. I find two girls on a mission, two girls trying to be charitable, two girls who want a CURE, two cure and a boy with HOPE.....and a very LOUD woman who is so proud of this generation!


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  1. what amazing kids - all because of you "spreading the word" (that's nice for BIG MOUTH). you are right, there is hope that these kids will help find a cure or avoid this disease all together. Hang in there and keep up the good work. November does not mean a stop to awareness. I am sure you are proud of Ben for the friends he has chosen!