Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prep for Boob day

There is so much to do to get ready for having a Double mastectomy. I mean set aside all the friggin lists I've been making, the play date arranging, stocking up on food, and just every day shit. I had to get waxed, threaded, a cute pedi, a new tattoo with my favorite people and a hair cut so I guess I'm ready?! Tonight my girlfriends are throwing me a "boob voyage" party, gotta say good bye to the original sisters! What great friends to send them off in style and in true girlfriend form "slutty tops" encouraged! This is the original Girl's Night Out, these girls need to get out. This energy is so incredible I can't stay down for long. And I thank them for that. Then my hubby is taking me to dinner, without kids! How lucky am I?? Great friends, supportive hubby, crazy ass family and an awesome pair of new shoes! Expect for the stupid dumb breast cancer I'm good better than good fanfreakingtastic. Not gonna lie I fucking hate this stupid dumb breast cancer and what it's doing to my body. Don't even get me started on what it's doing after! I look at these amazing breast cancer woman before and after their journey and I'm in shock. At first I thought it was sheer fright but as I sit here I realize I am in awe by their strength courage and how amazingly beautiful they are with those stunning bald power heads and warrior scars. In a weird way makes me proud to be one of them weird because I am find them more gorgeous than any "super model". As my support staff said "you got this" and I known this but lets face it in preparing for all of this I'm totally entitled to piss and moan, bitch, cry, punch or slap (who's up for that), I refuse to hold it in. So if your there for the bitching, crying, hitting be happy I think of you as a good enough friend to do that in front of. Plus, you're helping me get ready for one hell of a lumpy ass journey! Early detection saved my life, so cop a feel today:)

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